Water and backyard

Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes Some areas of the United States do not allow certain of these plants to be sold or kept, as they have become invasive species in warmer areas of the country, such as Florida and California.

Water and backyard

Water and backyard

Whether indoors or outside, the sight and sound of falling water has been proven to calm frazzled nerves. At Backyard X-Scapes, you'll find every variety of fountains to quiet your senses, from pedestal fountains to wall fountains to basin fountains to indoor fountains.

Our Fountain Products Fountains come in a wide range of designs, styles, sizes and configurations. To offer options for every customer, Backyard X-Scapes carries an extensive inventory of products from manufacturers with a reputation for quality.

Whether you're looking for a backyard water feature or something for the interior of your home, you'll find it in our online store.

Pedestal fountains make a striking centerpiece in a residential yard. Backyard X-Scapes carries more than models ranging from classic Spanish- and Roman-inspired designs to more contemporary options. Multiple colors are available. As their name implies, wall fountains mount flush against a wall.

They typically feature smaller footprints and more subtle designs than pedestal fountains and tend to blend in with your existing backyard hardscaping. We sell over 90 models in Water and backyard range of styles and sizes.

A large basin fountain is sure to attract attention in your backyard. Our products draw from classic designs to offer timeless elegance for any home or business.

Backyard Water Features

Explore the possibilities by browsing our current catalog online. Who says a water fountain is suitable for outdoor use only? Interior water features add a calming presence in any room. Our products feature contemporary designs that incorporate attractive materials such as copper, stainless steel, slate and marble.

Create a tranquil setting on your patio by surrounding an Alaster Fountain with elegant hollow garden spheres or enhance your backyard with a concrete garden fountain.

Backyard X-Scapes carries water features in many shapes and sizes that are suitable for gardens, ponds and reflecting pools. Our outdoor garden waterfalls will complement your spa, outdoor fireplace, garden, gazebo or any other major focal point in your backyard.

Potential Applications Enhance the entryway to your home with the soft sounds of a trickling fountain. Place a small fountain in the study to help create a peaceful environment for reading or add a touch of elegance to your vanity or guest dressing room with a water fountain for home.

Water fountains are also a great choice for high-end restaurants, spas, resorts and other commercial spaces.

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Impress your guests with an elegant and calming water feature from Backyard X-Scapes. Benefits of Water Fountains Water fountains are attractive and eye-catching.

Adding a backyard water fountain changes the character of a lawn or garden and can draw in birds and other wildlife. Inside, a water fountain has a calming effect that sets the mood for relaxation.

It also humidifies and purifies the air and creates a subtle trickling sound that unconsciously soothes the nerves.

Our water fountains install quickly and come with everything you need for setup in your home or business. For homeowners, a water fountain will add value to your property.

Water and backyard

For businesses, water fixtures create an upscale atmosphere that will bring in a more distinguished clientele.

Commerical and Wholesale Fountains Looking for wholesale pricing for a bulk order of water fountains or related products?

Backyard X-Scapes works closely with developers, contractors and any other commercial enterprise. Let us put together a package of products that meet your requirements. Visit our Commercial and Wholesale page to get in touch with a team member directly.

Unlike the big-box hardware stores, we offer personalized service and expert advice for everyone we work with. Our product specialists are ready to help you through the process of ordering and receiving the custom-made fountain of your dreams for your backyard, garden or another landscaping project.

Contact us today with any questions online or by phone at or place your order online. Our friendly and courteous staff is here to help you.If you don't have a big backyard, this tiny water garden is the perfect option.

Filled with potting soil, pea gravel, and water plants, it fits nicely on a porch or balcony. Get the tutorial at Apartment Therapy. Bluworld of Water is the most trusted name in water feature design and fabrication. We have been dedicated to providing superior water feature products, systems and services for over two decades.

Our installations are engineered with exacting standards, using . Watering Your Garden. Gardeners watering habits vary widely. As long as they are set up to distribute the correct amount of water to your garden, these tools allow you to deliver a consistent amount of water while being automated and take the trouble out of daily watering.

Your water garden design can host fish and colorful plants, and it will beckon all kinds of wildlife to your yard. Learn the basics about water gardening. Before embarking on developing a water garden design, do your homework. Visit local water garden owners, and check out landscapers who specialize in water gardens.

Join us for the Water & Rails Pond & Garden Railroad Tour on Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th! The Water & Rails Tour is a unique, two-day event organized by MacLean Financial Group and Rail City Garden Center to benefit the ALS Association Nevada Chapter. As a whole, most backyard ponds, farm ponds, and lakes are not managed to prevent water quality problems.

The few that are managed, usually are managed for curing symptoms rather than preventing the actual problem.

Water Sources and Uses for Wild Birds in Your Backyard