Traveling abroad 101

Studying abroad helps individuals develop cross-cultural skills; provides alumni with an advantage in the job market upon graduation; and, cultivates life-long learning. Recent studies by the University of Florida, Singapore Management University, and the European Institute for Business Administration have shown that students who study abroad are more flexible and creative and are able to think at a more complex level.

Traveling abroad 101

Tips for Traveling Students January 24, Is there Traveling abroad 101 young student in your household headed to Denmark, Norway, Sweden or other destinations in the world?

Students choose to study abroad for many reasons, and it is a great way to experience different cultures and become familiar with a whole new world. Studying abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience and students learn so much if they make the most of their stay.

Down Under Endeavours, a luxury travel agency, encourages students to embark on new adventures through international travel. These top tips will help those studying abroad to enhance their studies and experience the trip of a lifetime. Learn how to budget. When living in a new country, you may not know how much things will cost and can easily end up overspending.

Try to learn how to cook your own meals to save money and make a weekly meal plan. Look for free events and activities in your free time and see if your study program has any discounts for students.

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Is it time to learn about other cultures? Photo courtesy of Down Under Endeavours Tip 2: Once you decide where you want to study, do as much research about the place as you can.

Learn about the geography, the customs, local laws, and especially the language. No one will expect you to become fluent in the language but learning a couple of key words and phrases will be incredibly helpful.

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While you may not want to leave your phone behind for emergency reasons, it might still be a good idea to unplug for a little while and put down the screen. It feels good to put down the electronics every once in a while and just enjoy where you are.

Those who stand out from the locals and appear to be outsiders are more likely to be the victims of scams or thefts. If you feel more comfortable traveling in groups then do so. Carry photocopies of important documents and emergency contact information.

Just make sure to be smart when you travel. Is it time to meet other people in the world? Photo courtesy of Down Under Endeavours Tip 5: Open up and talk to people.

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Put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone. Family Visits Families often visit their child studying abroad, creating long lasting memories and meaningful experiences. There is no such thing as planning too far ahead on this. Is it time to explore some new landscapes?

Down Under Endeavours handcrafts luxury vacations designed around your wants, needs, timeframe and budget. They also specialize in creating trips for families of students studying abroad. To see the different study abroad packages that are available visit http: Corinne Goodman started Down Under Endeavours 16 years ago.

She came over to the US working for Tourism Australia before branching out to start her own company. Now with Down Under Endeavours she takes a fresh, young approach and outlook on travel to share with others looking for their next adventure. Have you always dreamed of visiting Scandinavia?

Read the story in The Danish Pioneer Newspaper at: Come discover more in Subscriptions to our print edition are economical, and you receive 26 issues per year including the extra-large, extra-special holiday issue.The thought of traveling abroad, amalgamated with an intention of doing something meaningful for others, is indeed exciting.

Hundreds of thousands of people are setting sail every year for contributing effectively towards the society and aiming to make this world a better place to live.

Basic Travel Safety Tips

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Study Abroad Learn the basics of study abroad from A to Z. Facilitated by the MU International Center peer advisers, Study Abroad will answer your preliminary questions about study abroad. If this is your first time traveling abroad -- or maybe you just need a refresher -- here's a list of 20 tips you should do or bring before your trip.

Security & Health. 1. Check-in with your doctor and insurance carrier. For a practical traveler like me, there are loads of emergency worst-case scenarios to anxiously envision before traveling abroad.

Traveling abroad 101

From injury, to kidnapping, to theft, a lot of disorienting things can happen in a foreign country. Follow these basic travel safety tips to prevent them (and ease your travel anxiety)! Travel Assistance How to Secure Emergency Funds While Traveling Abroad It could happen to anyone, even the most prepared and cautious travelers.

Halfway through your trip to Europe, your wallet – along with your .

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