The different food service operations and

From fresh-made pizza to customized salads and delicious hot foods, each student will find something to enjoy day in and out. It is important to us that the variety is kept fresh and new so all students have a memorable dining experience at each meal.

The different food service operations and

Online training designed specifically to educate and certify foodservice professionals in the fundamentals of energy and water efficiency for commercial foodservice. Learn from the pros The course is designed and developed by the foodservice energy and water research professionals at fishnick to help you learn in an interactive manner.

Fits your busy schedule Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the course is always accessible. You learn when and where you want, and at your own pace. Designed for your success Each of the six modules presents complex ideas in a simple and straightforward manner, testing your progress along the way.

Six interactive, graphics-rich modules Each module covers a different area of foodservice energy and water use with simple, clear ideas, interactive exercises, and analogies that help make the concepts stick. Each module ends with a short exam that reinforces what you have learned. Training foodservice professionals to treat energy and water like other commodities and giving them the skills to manage their utilities, like they manage food costs, has the potential to return those billions back to the bottom line.

Online education is an effective way to train the diverse foodservice workforce Utilities, culinary schools, restaurants, institutions, and professional organizations all face the challenge of how to train a diverse, busy, and mobile workforce.

Fe3 is the first cost-effective way to provide foodservice-specific efficiency training that reaches across the entire industry. Based on 28 years of lab and field work, energy surveys and design consultations by the industry experts at fishnick, the Fe3 curriculum is straightforward, practical and built for results.

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Recognition as a Foodservice Energy Efficiency Expert shows dedication to effective design and operations Foodservice operators increasingly understand the bottom-line benefits of efficient design and operations and they are searching for professionals who can help them reach their goals.

Fe3 certification is a way to demonstrate skills-based knowledge to clients and employers. Fe3 certified professionals can use the Fe3 designation and logo in their signature block and on marketing materials. Restaurants with Fe3 certified staff can exhibit the Fe3 logo onsite to show customers their dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Earn the Fe3 Certification After successfully completing the Fe3 training you will understand basic energy terms and have practical skills that include: Fe3 is brought to you by fishnick The leaders in energy efficiency education for the foodservice industry Six 1-Hour Modules Focused on the fundamentals of energy and water sustainability Earn the certifcation by successfully completing all six modules Join over 40 Charter Members with Fe3 Certification!

Focused on the fundamentals of energy and water sustainability Earn the certifcation by successfully completing all six modules Join over 40 Charter Members with Fe3 Certification!

Who is Fe3 for? Designers, Manufacturers, and Service Agents: Gain skills that will make you more competitive and a professional designation that shows your dedication to efficient design and operations. Add sustainability curriculum to your culinary and hospitality education programs.

The Fe3 course material has been successfully taught live to university, college, community college and culinary students by fishnick instructors for over a decade.

Special student pricing is available. Train management and staff how to purchase efficient equipment and how to operate and maintain an efficient kitchen. Save money while being more sustainable. Use the Fe3 designation to show your customers you believe in Sustainability Beyond the Plate.

Utilities and Foodservice Suppliers: Offer a value added service by supplying your customers with Fe3 training so they can be more profitable. Intro to Energy Efficiency Teaches how energy use relates to sustainability and why energy efficiency is a necessary component of a Commercial Food Service CFS sustainability program.

Effective and Efficient Lighting Teaches the basics of electric lighting and how to choose lighting products that use less energy, look good and meet the special needs of commercial foodservice. Efficient Refrigeration Teaches the basic of principles of refrigeration and how to select and maintain energy efficient refrigeration systems.

Water Conservation Teaches the basic principles of water usage and conservation in a foodservice operation and how to select and compare an energy and water efficient dish machine.

The different food service operations and

Energy Efficient Cooking Equipment Teaches the basics of food-prep and cookline energy use and how to reduce cooking appliance operating costs.

Fe3 Charter Members — a select group of foodservice professionals who provided valuable input and feedback for development of the Fe3 program and the first to achieve the Fe3 certification.Table service is food service served to the customer's table by waiters and waitresses, also known as "servers".

Table service is common in most restaurants, while for some fast food restaurants counter service is the common form. In addition to our outstanding product selections and latest technology and equipment, Coley|Central Canteen Services has an outstanding service history.

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Though most culinary programs teach many different methods for pricing food, every culinary student seems to emerge from the Culinary Institute of America or Le Cordon Bleu believing in the world of restaurants, all they have to do to be profitable is serve great food and deliver a 33% food cost, or is it 25%, or 35% or 30% or 19%?

In the food industry, it is important for an organization to leverage their customer's satisfaction and this can be achieved through superior customer service.

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