Smart grid

July By Cassarah Brown Since its construction in the late 19th century, the US electric grid has been upgraded in a manner that has left many portions outdated, unable to fulfill the needs of a more diverse and distributed energy supply. What is a Smart Grid? A smart grid utilizes modern communications and electronics technologies to improve the reliability and efficiency of electricity distribution — from smart meters and appliances to state-of-the art technologies that can adapt swiftly to energy supply and demand.

Smart grid

Phase 2 full deployment While earlier efforts focused on residential customers, Phase 2 also includes businesses and organizations so that all customers can benefit from smart meter technology and the enhanced services it enables.

Installation of the required telecommunications network began in April Installation of residential-size smart meters began in May and should be near completion by December Installation and retrofitting of commercial-size meters began in Spring and will last through Customers will receive notification by mail about 30 days before installers are scheduled to work in their area.

At that time, customers with residential-size meters will have the option of opting out of the installation. Meters were installed at approximately 24, homes over a nine-month period, along with a wireless telecommunications network to support meter reading and two-way communications that enable meters to notify MLGW of potential problems.

Customers can view their electricity, gas and water usage through My Account as well as see how much their impending bill will be. Phase 1 delivered numerous immediate benefits, including: Detection of water leaks at approximately one-third of customers sites, enabling quicker customer notification Detection of voltage levels that alerted MLGW to inspect for potential problems before the customer was aware of an issue Detection of meter tampering, which resulted in lower utility theft Smart Grid Demonstration, a pilot project that ran from Volunteers from more than 1, households across Shelby County received electric smart meters with built-in cellular modems to replace their existing analog dial-faced meter.

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Smart meters securely transmitted electricity use data to MLGW each night. Half of households also tested In Home Displays. Overall, the average participant utilized the information and took energy conservation steps to use 2. Time-of-Use participants had the largest impact, using 5. Read six quick facts or read the Smart Grid Demo final report.

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Jude Children's Research Hospital. Other benefits include the ability to monitor and control capabilities for transformers and key circuits, allowing us to reduce outage times, reduce employee resources needed to address problems, and give us additional insight to potential electric grid problems before outages occur.

MLGW installed 40 automated switches to help reduce the number of customers affected by a particular outage, by automatically redirecting power from another circuit.

Smart grid

MLGW targeted circuits that had the longest average restoration times to receive this is the gateway to information on federal initiatives that support the development of the technologies and policies transforming the electric power industry.

This site is supported by the Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability within the U.S.

Smart grid

Department of Energy. Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Over the past decade, the Pacific Northwest region has been a pioneer in the nation's emerging smart grid agenda, contributing technology, utility applications, customer engagement strategies, and policy.

The Smart Grid. Maybe you have heard of the Smart Grid on the news or from your energy provider. But not everyone knows what the grid is, let alone the Smart Grid. "The grid," refers to the electric grid, a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to your home or business.

Living with smart energy Digital grid technologies enable energy management systems that can help you manage the energy used in your home.

The smart grid, combined solar panels and a plug-in electric vehicle, can not only help you save on your energy costs, but can help you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

National Grid’s Smart Energy Solutions program gives 15, Worcester, MA customers greater control and convenience in managing their energy usage. What is Smart Grid? Smart Grid is a broad term used to describe upgrades that enhance the capabilities of the electric grid.

These technology upgrades are necessary to bring new technology—and benefits like automatic outage notification and system operations monitoring—to an electric grid that was constructed more than fifty years ago and still depends largely on manual processes.

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