Riley matthews girl meets world

The Lucaya Project Sequel to "A Hart in Texas," following Lucas and Maya, now dating for nearly a year, through the last three years of high school. T - English - Romance - Chapters:

Riley matthews girl meets world

Farkle and Riley Farkle is Riley's male best friend. He has had a crush on Riley since the first grade, however, Riley has never felt the same way.

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She seems to see him more as a brother. They are always there for each other to help when they have problems such as what happened in the Girl Meets Texas storyline. Lucas Friar Main article: Rucas Lucas is Riley's crush and close friend. She falls on his lap on the subway and from there they began liking each other.

In, Girl Meets First Datethey have their very first kiss. Riley steps back for Maya but when Farkle tells everyone how Riley truly feels the triangle in born. Lucas then tells Riley that he chose her and he hopes she'll choose him and she does, starting their relationship. Trivia Riley is currently the oldest Matthews member.

She is Cory with Topanga's hair.

Riley matthews girl meets world

Riley and Topanga's song is Lights. Her birthday is December 8, Her Astrological birth sign is Sagittarius She has a crush on Lucas Friar She revealed her favorite toy was a dog named Biley, a reference to her name She is currently in the 9th grade for the school year.

Riley matthews girl meets world

Riley mentioned to have a avuncular relationship with Shawn Hunter. She has straight As and a perfect attendance record.

She has her mom's intelligence and her father's personality. Gallery To view the Riley Matthews gallery, click here.The Matthews’ fractured family tree near completion next season when one of the last remaining holdouts pays Girl Meets World a long-overdue visit..

PHOTOSGirl Meets World Meets . Watch full episodes of Boy Meets World and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Riley Matthews is the main protagonist in Girl Meets World.

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Riley is twelve years old and is the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. She is the central character in the Matthews name: Riley Matthews. "Boy Meets World" couple Cory and Topanga Matthews are back in this sitcom that focuses on the continuing adventures of their young daughter.

Now parents, Cory and Topanga from the s sitcom "Boy Meets World" help their youngest daughter, Riley, confront the challenges of middle school. TV Shows: Girl Meets World fanfiction archive with over 4, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

When Cory Matthews was busy meeting the world as a middle school student on ABC's TGIF block, he also ended up finding true love with fellow classmate Topanga that journey into.

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