Research and find three counterterrorism special forces what are their names and from what country d

Certified Educator As we are limited in space, below are a few ideas concerning both Russian special forces and US special forces to help get you started. The elite task force was constructed by the KGB under the Soviet Union in but is still very much in service today. As we are limited in space, below are a few ideas concerning both Russian special forces and US special forces to help get you started.

Research and find three counterterrorism special forces what are their names and from what country d

Choking agents Nerve agents Any one of these agents sprayed over a populace would bring unimaginable damage and loss of life. Calmatives In a very odd coincidence, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate mentions the use of " Calmatives " to secure planes from terrorists trying to enter the cockpit: The presentation begins with several slides that are standard JNLWD promotional material, including photos from the "non-lethal" mortar and Objective Individual Combat Weapon rounds programs, both of which involve chemical payloads.

Starting with Slide 11, the presentation moves to discussing the use of incapacitating agents on commercial airliners. Initially, a number of technologies are initially mentioned, then a slide then focuses on so-called "calmatives".

Research and find three counterterrorism special forces what are their names and from what country d

Two slides include diagrams of JNLWD's concepts, including placement of incapacitant aerosol generators onboard, as well as an "injectable pharmaceuticals" unit outside the cockpit door. The aerosol generator would disperse a drug throughout the passenger cabin.

A slide identifies a "benefit" of incapacitants as that they can be "tailored" to adjust for duration and effects including paralysis and sleep. The same slide asserts that pharmaceutical industry data and JNLWD's "Front End Analysis" program provide supporting data for these applications of drugs.

The Gay Bomb Biological Weapons laced with calmatives could disperse crowds, put people to sleep, or even make them gay: The JNLWD puts the creepy in chemtrails, wherein our "National Defense" interests target our own citizens, let alone the rest of the world: All it takes is one disgruntled worker or terrorist and one jet plane to kill millions.

We all agree that chemical weapons are bad, and the thought of them spraying out of the backs of jet airliners is scary, but why in the world would you think governments would do something so crazy? I think that because it has happened before and will happen again until we stop it.

The pathogenic fungi were developed principally by the US for use in narcotics-producing areas globally; but especially Asia and South America. The agents threaten to legitimize agricultural biowarfare, are environmentally unsafe, and threaten wild plants and agriculture in fragile and biodiverse ecosystems.

They also endanger human health and, most importantly, the global ban on biological weapons. Tests find fumonisin concentrations in corn-based horse feed as high as parts per million.

The Culture of Militarism in America

This increase is not noted until a year later. Now it is blamed on the effects of a Fusarium epidemic in corn. Food and Drug Administration issues draft guidelines for maximum levels of fumonisin allowed in food.

Research and find three counterterrorism special forces what are their names and from what country d

In a letter to federal officials, the Texas Department of Health worries that the level may be too high for people who consume corn as a dietary staple, especially Hispanic populations - Dec. This chemical was sprayed by plane from coast to coast, in addition to the countless local releases of these health affecting substances.

Here is a list of their experiments: Army CC Terrorists could dump any radioactive chemicals in a fuel tank and millions would be affected by the day's end. There is no verification regime in place to test for atmospheric dispersals of radioactive substances, let alone ground-level ones.

In a recent paper titled Microspheres for Microworldsresearchers at the Savannah River National Lab are using porous wall, hollow glass microspheres PW-HGM made from nuclear waste for " drug delivery and national defense.

The particles, consisting of a very fine and special form of glass - "porous-walled glass microspheres" - would be able to absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide, and would reflect sunlight away from the Earth. The government project began last year and ends on April The Department of Energy did not speak with Cybercast News Service about the project, but scientists familiar with the line of research say it grows out of a proposal first articulated by Paul Crutzen, who won the Nobel Prize for his work discovering that there is a hole in the ozone over the Antarctic.

Crutzen proposed sending aircraft s to dump huge quantities of sulfur particles into the far-reaches of the stratosphere to cool down the atmosphere. Delivery of chemicals with Microcapsules The paper references BAAR which is linked to erasing memories with chemical and directed-energy weapons.

Inwe asked the US Navy for two videotapes of UAV tests conducted for the "non-lethal" weapons program in about Our request uncorked a "pass-the-buck" extravaganza through no less than five different commands. Each got one tape or the other and then passed the request on to somebody else.

After some hard bureaucratic slogging, we got one of the tapes. It must be an interesting tape! And we still want it. Nanotechnology Nanotechnology paves way for new weapons Current and future developments in nanotechnology—science and engineering on the scale of nanometres or billionths of a metre—may pave the way for new types of weapons.

The new technology will have a profound impact on new materials, electronic devices, chemical, biological and mechanical systems and provides the potential for future weapons development.

Previous articles on Janes Chem-Bio Web discussed the potential of nanotechnology being used for a fourth generation of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear fallout: $ billion in compensation and counting

This article deals with its potential to enable future production of novel chemical and biological weapons CBW.The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S.

State Department. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. There are three counter-arguments to this criticism, (1) because control standards continue to tighten, it is more important to model the old technology instead of the new, (2) no model can expect to accurately predict future technology changes, they can only develop relationships based on known conditions, and (3) if surrogate variables are correlated to casual ones, the model will still continue to work.

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Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Framework HSM Counter Terrorism & Intelligence Analysis January 14, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Framework Terrorism is the warfare of the future. The battlefield has changed and it will take professional intelligence agencies to gather information about these unorthodox combatants.

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Joshua “struck all the land, the hill country and the Negev and the lowland and the slopes and all their kings. He left no survivor, but he utterly destroyed all who breathed, just as the Lord, the God of Israel had commanded” (Joshua , ).

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