Relationship between romeo and juliet essay

Hire Writer Lord and Lady Capulet have a distant but loving relationship with their daughter, Juliet. Interestingly enough it is Lord Capulet who shows more love towards Juliet than his wife. But it all changes as the play progresses. Juliet at the beginning of the play comes across as a polite and innocent girl, but she has yet to meet Romeo.

Relationship between romeo and juliet essay

The relationship between Juliet and the nurse Home Essays The relationship between Juliet and the nurse The relationship between Juliet and the nurse is a better example of the mother-daughter relationship than that of Juliet and Relationship between romeo and juliet essay Capulet.

Discuss with close reference to act 2 scene 5 and act 3 scene 5 in particular. We will write a custom essay sample on The relationship between Juliet and the William Shakespeare was baptised on April the 26thhe was the eldest son of John and Mary.

Act 3, scene 1

Although Shakespeare was only 52 when he died he wrote 38 different plays, this took him about 25 years. The Shakespearean play that I am studying is Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play that involves many themes the main ones being; love, marriage, parental conflict and fate.

The play starts with Romeo loving a girl called Rosaline unfortunately his love is unrequited. Romeo is a Montigue and Juliet is a Capulet. When Romeo and Juliet fall in love they keep this and their marriage a secret from their parents.

This story is a romantic tragedy. The first scene that I will be looking at will be act 2 scene 5. At the beginning of act 2 scene 5 the nurse is tormenting Juliet. The scene starts with a soliloquy and Juliet is expressing her feelings of anxiousness because she sent the Nurse away to find Romeo hours ago and she is wondering when she will return.

There are signs of distress in the way that Juliet speaks although she does not appear to be angry because she uses a set of rhyming cuplets in her speech. The themes used in this scene are; marriage, romantic love and motherly love. The theme of marriage starts with the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet.

From the soliloquy at the beginning of the scene you can see that Juliet has a definite fixation with Romeo. Juliet is imagining Romeo as a heavenly figure. When Juliet is talking to the nurse there is a definite sign that the Nurse and Juliet are from different classes and that Juliet is more educated than the Nurse, we can tell this because Juliet speaks in verse whilst the Nurse speaks in prose.

There is a lack of dramatic devices in this scene although there are many present in the latter part of the play especially dramatic irony.

As we enter act 3 scene 5 Juliet is awoken by her mother this is a shock as her mother would not normally call on her at this time of the morning.

This makes Juliet feel very strange as Juliet is unsure of what time her mother even gets up on a normal day. From this we can see that Juliet and L.

Relationship between romeo and juliet essay

Capulet have a distant relationship. Because of the way that Juliet addresses her mother later on in the scene we can that she does not see her mother as a figure of authority or some-one that she should respect like she does with the Nurse. Juliet speaks to her mother very formally and makes no extra effort to be polite.

From act 3 scene 5 line 6 we can see that L.

Relationship between romeo and juliet essay

What, wilt thou wash him from his grave with tears? This scene especially addresses parental conflict as Juliet argues with her mother about how she should grieve.

The way that L. Capulet speaks to Juliet shows that she is cold hearted and unsympathetic. All through the scene L. Capulet expresses her hatred of Romeo and because she does not understand Juliet she believes that Juliet agrees with her hatred, we can see that this is untrue because of the aside from Juliet line23 act3 scene 5.

Capulet does not understand Juliet is that Juliet explains that if she could get to Romeo first and poison him she would temper the poison so that he would not die.

Capulet does not understand Juliet she thinks that if Juliet could get to Romeo first she would temper the poison to make it stronger so that he would die more quickly. The theme of parental conflict is also present near to the end of the scene as L.

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Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry the county Paris a week on Thursday, as Juliet is more strong willed than her mother she is angry that she has been told about the wedding and not asked.

The scene then goes on to see that her mother really does not understand her and that she has a problem understanding Juliet decision, we can tell this because L. Capulet tells Juliet that her father can deal with it. There is a lot of dramatic irony in this scene and the use of asides gives a very good feel of drama and tension between L.

Overall from the 2 scenes that I have studied I can see that the relationship between Juliet and the nurse is far better than the relationship between Juliet and her mother as L. Capulet portrays an image of being not a very nice person.

The Nurse understands Juliet far better and is more like a motherly figure to her.The relationship between Romeo and Juliet can be largely defined as the passionate, all-consuming first “love” of two relatively naive teenagers, as .

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The relationship between parents and their children in "Romeo and Juliet" In the play “Romeo and Juliet”, written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet have dysfunctional relationships with their parents.

More commonly known simply as Romeo and Juliet, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works.

The play follows the lives and deaths of Romeo and Juliet, two young star-crossed lovers from feuding families in Verona. SparkNotes are the most helpful study guides around to literature, math, science, and more.

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