Project management and operational readiness

Project Management and Operational Readiness Project Management and Operational Readiness 2 February Management Operational readiness is the key success factor for project management In many studies and reports, project successes tend to be measured against the prescribed schedule, cost and performance. In reality, project success measurement should be against projects constraints and the operational readiness status of the business environment. The combination of the two will assist in efficiently using the product or service as intended.

Project management and operational readiness

For example, you can group projects that have similar requirements or objectives, such as all projects that access a particular code base. You can then manage the group of team projects as an autonomous resource with its own user groups, server resources, and maintenance schedule.

A group of projects is called a team project collection. When you install TFS, a default collection is created to contain all projects. When you create a collection, you specify the logical and physical resources that projects within that collection can use.

All the artifacts and data that those team projects use are stored in the single database of the collection. The following illustration shows how databases for project collections are integrated with the logical architecture of TFS.

When you create a project, you specify the collection where its data will be stored.

Organizing Effective Project Steering Committees

View information or configure existing project If you haven't been added as a TFS administrator, get added now. You must be a member of the local Administrators group on the server where you want to open the console, and either a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group or your Edit Server-Level Information permission must be set to Allow.

Project management and operational readiness

Highlight the name of a collection and review the information provided from the various tabs. Some tabs only appear if the corresponding application has been configured to support the application-tier in the TFS deployment. You can perform the following tasks from the corresponding tab.

Start or stop a collection. Projects become unavailable when you stop a collection. You typically stop a collection to support maintenance operations, such as moving or splitting a collection.

If the collection is started, only Stop Collection appears. Starting or stopping a collection can take several minutes to complete. You might need to choose Refresh to display the change in state. Edit the collection's description or configuration.

Add or remove users or groups as members of a collection. To learn more, see Set administrator permissions for project collections. Manage the permissions of a collection group. To learn more, see Permission reference for Team Foundation Server.

Status View an activity log or rerun a job. Projects To learn more about projects, see Create a project. Reports Folder Configure the report server for use by the collection. When you edit the default folder location, the operation will fail if you type the path of a folder that does not exist on the server and you do not have permission to create a folder on that server.

You must specify an existing folder if you do not have permissions to create folders on that server. To remove the default location for report subfolders, choose Clear Configuration.

Removing the configuration removes the reporting functionality for all existing and future projects in the collection. This tab only appears when you've added a report server to TFS.

SharePoint Site View, configure, or remove the default root location for where project portals are created. If the SharePoint Web Application list is empty, the application-tier hasn't been configured with any applications. - Organizational Readiness Assessment

This tab only appears when you've configured the application-tier with SharePoint Products. See Add SharePoint products to your deployment. Create a project collection Before creating a project collection, jump to this section to learn more about the pros and cons of creating multiple project collections.

If you haven't been added as an administrator to TFS, get added now.Project Transition Plan Sample - for Evaluation Only Copyright CVR/IT Consulting LLC Page 3 Roles and Responsibilities List the names of those working on. The aim of the Service Transition is to ensure that the transition of a new or modified service into a live environment goes as smoothly as possible and that the service meets the predefined Operational Readiness criteria.

Background and Fundamentals “Operational Readiness” is a state that is moved toward incrementally by performing tasks and creating deliverables throughout the Project Life Cycle. Background and Fundamentals “Operational Readiness” is a state that is moved toward incre-mentally by performing tasks and creating deliverables through-.

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Project management and operational readiness

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