Outline the demographic and social impacts

Outline the demographic and social impacts of one or more tectonic events Outline the demographic and social impacts of one or more tectonic events 8 August Demographics I will be outlining the demographic and social impacts of Mount St Helens and the Bam earthquake. Mount st Helens caused fifty seven deaths compared to the Bam earthquake which caused over 25, deaths and 30, injuries.

Outline the demographic and social impacts

Brent Elrod Statement of Issues and Justification Rural populations are changing in both size and structure.

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Population change matters, but demography is not destiny. Changes in population size and characteristics affect a wide range of social and economic outcomes, but these changes are not automatic, nor mechanistic, and are mediated by institutions, local community preferences and historical and cultural legacies.

Research is needed to examine the causal pathways that link population change to rural inequality, prosperity and well-being. We propose to undertake a comprehensive analysis of current population processes affecting U. A significant portion of W research focused on two topics identified by stakeholders as critical concerns: In addition to work on basic demographic processes, this project is similarly designed around two, closely related topics: Within our two broad topic areas, specific research questions will be determined, in part, by participant expertise and, in part, by group discussions with stakeholders proposed as a Year One activity.

The need as indicated by stakeholders This committee is dedicated to addressing rural population issues that matter to policy makers, communities, and local residents. The objectives identified for this proposal come, in part, from information gathered from stakeholders during meetings, workshops, briefings, and field studies held in the past five years.

We plan to continue this approach, given the emergence of new concerns on the part of stakeholders throughout the country. We will take a community-engaged approach to finalizing our specific research questions and to integrate extension educators, policy makers, and community groups into our broader research team.

The Carnegie Foundation defines community engagement as the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities e.

Following this paradigm, we propose to spend the first year of this project working with multiple stakeholders, sharing our research objectives and identifying specific questions within that agenda.

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We will work through regional centers, policy makers, and placed-based organizations to build knowledge that increases rural community capacity to respond to challenges they face.

As part of our first two annual meetings, we will hold sessions where we engage participants in discussions aimed at understanding from the community stakeholder point of view important demographic issues facing rural communities. Also, to address more regional and place-based concerns, we propose to work with Regional Rural Development Centers to set up focus group discussions of issues linking rural development, demographic change, and socioeconomic well-being.

Committee members who attend these discussions will share summaries of their findings with other committee members electronically. Importance of the work, and what the consequences are if it is not done Rural residents populate every region of the country, from counties bordering suburbs to remote and isolated areas.

Rural areas encompass agricultural regions as well as areas where workers depend mostly on manufacturing or tourism.

They include prosperous areas with rapidly growing populations as well as chronically depressed locales experiencing population decline. Accordingly, our research plan is national in scope but employs a comparative perspective, and relies on a multidisciplinary research team located throughout the U.

Demographic change in rural America is an obvious but understudied response to economic dislocation and stressors and shocks caused by environmental change.

Our research will document these linkages in the vast expanse of rural America that includes 75 percent of the nation's land area and 54 million of its residents. In so doing, we will contribute to the development of more informed policy to address the needs of rural people, places and institutions, especially as they have been affected by the recession.

The key topics of this proposal: Local, regional, state and federal government agencies and non-governmental organizations NGOs depend on up-to-date interpretations of population trends.

Information from the proposed research will allow for faster understanding and anticipation of present and future public needs. This extends to informing decisions and judgments of direct service providers, including educational administrators, cooperative extension personnel, medical and social workers, journalists, and others influential in community affairs.

For example, a school administrator will benefit from understanding the degree to which lower immigration rates mean fewer school-age children.

Members of business and public utility sectors can use knowledge of demographic shifts to conduct needs assessments for their organizations and enterprises.

Social Impact Assessment Training session outline Topic 13—Social Impact Assessment Objectives To develop an understanding of: • the role and scope of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in population, lifestyle, cultural traditions, community dynamics, and quality of. Tourism is a study of man (sic) away from his usual habitat, of the industry which responds to his needs and the impacts that both he and the industry have for the . Globalization, trade, travel, demographic trends, and warming temperatures are all attributed to the recent spread to this primary vector of dengue. Dengue is now ranked as the most important vector-borne viral disease in the world. Today, an estimated 50– million dengue fever infections occur annually. Social impacts The.

New demographic trends sometimes require shifts in policy recommendations for stakeholders. For instance, decreases in in-migration in response to job losses will lower demand for schools, hospitals, or family-oriented social services, depending on the changing composition of migration flows.The World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) serves as the United Nations’ definitive report on the state of the world rutadeltambor.com World Economic and Social Survey focuses on specific medium- to long-term development challenges.

Since , the Survey has devoted itself entirely to specific themes of topical interest related to development. • the types of social impacts that can result from development proposals; and • demographic change, e.g.

size and composition of resident population, Training session outline economic opportunities and social benefits from the development will be boom and bust cycle. These changes, inter alia.

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Youth (age 15–24) can successfully create social change. • A new framework for youth engagement strategies and impacts is presented. • Results show a strong relationship between impact achieved and the approaches used.

Outline the demographic and social impacts of one or more tectonic events. I will be outlining the demographic and social impacts of Mount St Helens and the Bam earthquake.

Mount st Helens caused fifty seven deaths compared to the Bam earthquake which caused over 25, deaths and 30, injuries. The earthquake in Bam in was the worst. The Influence of Population Growth Richard P.

Cincotta and Robert Engelman Population Action International October which stresses the mixed and ambiguous impacts of population growth on economic change, revisionism.

Here we briefly outline the and sometimes with an increase in social inequity.

Outline the demographic and social impacts

And we suggest that two. Explore demographic and social change The changing global population Impacts of an ageing population Empowering a new generation: unlocking a $1 trillion prize Capturing the benefits of an older workforce Women in work Women in charge of global consumption A world and workforce on the move Living longer, costing more .

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