New england rock services inc v empire paving inc

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New england rock services inc v empire paving inc

Click Card to flip Pearsall v. Alexander -Two friends made a pact to always share in the winnings of a lottery ticket if one of them won. One person did win and then tried to back out of the pact.

New england rock services inc v empire paving inc

Court found that there was an enforceable contract and the winnings should be shared. Click Card to flip Denney v. Reppert There was a robbery at a bank.

The bank employees gave the police officers all the information they needed to catch the robber. The officers caught the guy. There was a reward offered to who ever found the robber. Bank employees said they were entitled to money.

The bank employees were not entitled to anything because they were acting within the scope of their employment and performed a duty owed to the bank and public. Similarly, the other two police officers were not entitled because it was their duty to apprehend the criminals. Reppert, on the other hand, found a bit of a loophole: He was sheriff deputy of Rockcastle County and the arrest took place in Pulaski County, therefore, he was not in his jurisdiction and was under no duty.

There was water that interfered with the work Rock Services was going to do. Empire was supposed to handle water problem but did not. Rock Services asked for an extension on the job and Empire agreed. When Rock gave the inflated bill to Empire, they refused to pay.

In favor of Rock. The new contract was not made under duress both parties agreed to the terms of the new contract. Empire's failure to control the water constituted the new contract.

Click Card to flip Dilorenzo v. In favor of Valve Primer. Dilorenzo calim on an option to purchase stock was false he put no effort into getting an option. No money was placed down and he was completing duties already required of him prior to the agreement.

Click Card to flip the courts will not enforce agreements declared illegal by statute Click Card to flip require formal authorization to engage in certain trades, professions or businesses.

Click Card to flip Regulatory License licensing statute that is intended to protect the public against unqualified persons; an unlicensed person may not recover for services she has performed Click Card to flip Revenue License licensing statute that seeks to raise money; an unlicensed person may recover for services he has performed Click Card to flip Gambling Statutes prohibit wagers, which are agreements that one party will win and the other lose depending on the outcome of an event in which their only interest is the gain or loss.

Click Card to flip establish a maximum rate of interest Click Card to flip prohibition of certain types of commercial activity on Sunday BLUE LAWS Click Card to flip Common Law Restraint of Trade unreasonable restraints of trade are not enforceable Click Card to flip Sale of a business the promise by the seller of a business not to compete in that particular business in a reasonable geographic area for a reasonable period of time is enforceable.

Click Card to flip Employment Contracts an employment contract prohibiting an employee from competing with his employer for a reasonable period following termination is enforceable provided the restriction is necessary to protect legitimate interests of the employer Click Card to flip Exculpatory Clauses the courts generally disapprove of contractual provisions excusing a pparty from liability for her own tortious conduct.

Click Card to flip unfair or unduly harsh agreements are not enforceable Click Card to flip.New England Rock Services, Inc., agreed to work as a subcontractor on a sewer project on which Empire Paving, Inc., was the general contractor.

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By connecting rich insights with intelligent technology, we have pioneered the way you identify opportunities, grow meaningful relationships, and understand your portfolio completely.

Applying the appropriate standard of review; see New England Rock Services, Inc. v.

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Empire Paving, Inc., supra, 53 at , A.2d ; we conclude that the court's decision should not be reversed on this ground.

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New england rock services inc v empire paving inc
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