Micro commentary essay

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Micro commentary essay

These communication skills, also known as counselling tools, can be very effective if a skilled counsellor knows how and when to apply them. McLeod explains apart from counselling techniques, to be effective a counsellor must use their own self-awareness of feelings and thoughts that arise in a session of which can be used to make an informed response.

In this essay I play the role of counsellor for a client who presents a problem at work allowing me to apply a number of these counselling tools to effectively help her gain awareness, clarify the problem, gain insight and consider future steps to resolve the issue. These skills were observed by me watching a video playback of the session.

I reflect on the usefulness and the ineffectiveness of skills used by me in this role play and recommend ways I could improve the application of these skills. Her presenting problem is that she is having problems with a colleague at work.

Micro commentary essay

She explains other people in the company are also upset by this colleague, including managers, yet we discover there is little support from management to address the situation. Pamela had already thought of things she might say to the colleague but not yet found the courage to action.

Pamela comes across to me as an intelligent and friendly person who is a little shy and a bit reserved. We had engaged in a few practice sessions before this video so I was already aware of the problem that we had explored to some degree already.

My first reaction when Pamela began telling me her problem in this session was to wonder why she was going over this problem from the same perspective as we covered in a recent session. Consequently, thinking about this took my focus away initially from what she was saying and I missed some important information at the beginning.

It took me a few minutes in addition to settle into the role and direct my focus. As Pamela talked about what seemed to be a case of workplace bullying, I became aware of feeling quite protective of her and felt an urge to say or do something that would stop her taking a victim position.

Situations like these I believe should be a management issue and I felt bothered when hearing managers were aware of the colleague upsetting people but did nothing.

Pamela explained how she likes to keep things peaceful and avoids conflicting situations, even though the situation with her colleague was becoming unbearable.

I realised I had only a small amount of information to work with and many questions left unanswered such as her relationships with others in the company, what her history was at the company and more about her life in general.

This awareness made it difficult for me to know what approach would best help her so I decided to help her explore her experiencing of the clarified problem and help her find a future solution.

As I watched the video I had some thoughts and feelings emerge. First of frustration when I hear how badly she wants to change her situation and how managers leave a situation unaddressed when it is their responsibility to ensure issues such as bullying are dealt with.

At the same time I realise I am hearing only one side of the story from Pamela. Another feeling that came up for me each time I watched this was of boredom and distraction.

I started to look for other things to focus on. I noticed some of the audience in the background also looked and appeared distracted at times.

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In the video I notice I sometimes struggle to keep interested as the session progresses and we go around in circles with the same problem. Another way to explain what attending is that it allows the client to continue talking with minimal interruption Armstrong, Non-verbal encouragers I used were; I looked interested by leaning forward, I made constant eye contact and kept my vocal tone and distance moderate.

These small effects I observed to encourage Pamela to continue talking and let her know I was interested. Similarly Egan describes an effective guideline for turning into clients called SOLER which is important in the beginning of any counselling session.

My understanding is that someone can reject or use this word if it fits with them. Pamela appeared to consider these words to describe her experience and continued exploring the issue.

Listening Listening is an active process which involves being both physically and psychologically present McLeod,as with Egan who directs a counsellor to listen not just to verbal experiences and words but to their feelings and non verbal messages. An example I used with listening to non-verbal messages was when Pamela laughed a few times when talking about the behaviour of the colleague which was a tense laugh and clearly not funny.

It might have been effective if I confronted her with this behaviour and helped her explore why such as describe what I observed and ask for clarification. Throughout the counselling I was listening actively for meaning as well as her words and non-verbal messages, with the exception of the beginning of the session when my 1 mind wandered with other thoughts and I was not fully present.

McLeod explains presence requires an entire focus on the person and what they are saying. Further, Egan suggests empathy needs to be used throughout all stages of counselling. I could tell Pamela had deeper feelings of frustration that lay beneath her calm exterior and voice. She accepted my reflection and this frustration seemed to become a part of the story we explored.

There was however, another underlying feeling I was only vaguely aware of at the time which was a feeling of fear beneath the anger. I might have explored this with Pamela if I had been more aware of it at the time by sharing my intuitive sense and what I was experiencing.personal commentary essay topics; we write your essay; thesis paper methodology example; It is exceptionally rare source complain about your own.

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Sample Micro-Essay (with Commentary) Question: In Spring and All, Williams Carlos Williams claims that his poetry is "addressed--To the imagination," and says that only the imagination is .

Microaggressions, which impact workplace satisfaction, have captured the interest of the business industry, too. Even the prefix ‘micro’ sometimes gets things wrong – implying that these transgressions are barely visible or at least challenging to detect.

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