Mexico economy essay

The Mexica supplied the Tepaneca with warriors for their successful conquest campaigns in the region and received part of the tribute from the conquered city states. In this way, the political standing and economy of Tenochtitlan gradually grew. InAzcapotzalco initiated a war against the Acolhua of Texcoco and killed their ruler Ixtlilxochitl. Even though Ixtlilxochitl was married to Chimalpopoca's daughter, the Mexica ruler continued to support Tezozomoc.

Mexico economy essay

mexico economy essay

Mexico is a country located in North America and is bordered by the United States to the north, Belize and Guatemala to its south, the Gulf of Mexico to its east and the North Pacific Ocean to its west.

The country's total area is 1, square kilometers mexico economy essay, square milesor nearly 3 times the size of Texas.

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Its capital, Mexico City, is located in the south-central part of the country. As of Julythe population of Mexico was estimated to be , This is 19, more than the population of 81,, reflecting a ten-year increase of Inthe birth rate was estimated to be This was more than 4 times the death rate of 5. Based on a projected annual growth rate of 1.

Indians are from 25 to 30 percent, Caucasians from 9 to 15 percent, and Africans are a very small part of the population.

These estimates of racial groupings are tenuous at best because Mexicans do not characterize themselves in racial terms.

Groups are defined culturally so that the term "mestizo" means someone who is culturally Mexican in language, dress, and perspective. Someone who does not speak Spanish but speaks an Indian dialect and dresses in traditional Indian wear would be considered Indian, even if that individual were Caucasian.

Accordingly, during the course of one's life, it is possible for someone to change their ethnic grouping by simply adopting the language and habits of another ethnic group.

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Indeed, in Mexico an increasing number of Indians are becoming mestizos by adopting the Spanish language and de-emphasizing their Indian customs. The Mexican population is also a relatively young population; 4 percent are older than 65 while 34 percent are under It is also an urban population; 70 percent of the population lives in urban areas while 30 percent lives in rural areas 50 percent lived in rural areas in Mexico City is the largest metropolis in the world, with population estimates ranging between 18 and 20 million.

InGuadalajara and Netzahual-coyotl were estimated to have populations of 1.

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The nature of the population of Mexico is notable in at least 2 other respects. First, in Mexico became the first country in Latin America to adopt a population control policy.

mexico economy essay

The policy was needed because from toMexico's population had increased by percent. Overcrowding in cities and unemployment were serious problems.

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Indeed, Mexico had become a victim of its own success. The Mexican death rate had decreased as a result of advances in preventive medicine and sanitation, making it possible to control such diseases as yellow fever.

The death rate was Despite this decrease in the death rate, the fertility rate the number of children born to each woman had remained constant during this time.

The end result was an increase in the population so that it grew an average of 3. Since the institution of the population policy, the rate of growth of the population has gradually decreased to an average of 1.Although Mexico's economy become to reduce the reliance on foreign markets, but the economic growth in America and the Europe countries are still to be a threats and it may affect the growth of economic development in Mexico.

Neoliberalism is promoted as the mechanism for global trade and investment supposedly for all nations to prosper and develop fairly and equitably. - Analysis of the Mexican Economy I. Historical, Population, Culture, Political, and Economic Information History Mexico was the site of some of the earliest and most advanced civilizations in the western hemisphere.

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