Gasoline station business plan philippines

Philippines has the privilege of being one of the countries wherein Shell has chosen to share its products, technology, and manpower.

Gasoline station business plan philippines

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Starting Small for the Big-Time September 9,1: They can start with a capital of as little as P2, Easily, the hottest and trendiest option for many entrepreneurs is franchising. It is one venture that offers you some small success even before you start.

Other than the financial resources, an interested franchisee only needs to present a letter of intent detailing his initial business plan. So rather than spend your hard-earned money in shopping or placing them in banks which could only earn a measly two percent interest annually, why not pick from among the following business undertakings you can possibly venture into: Gas Station — Investing in a gasoline station business would require a capital of from P3 to P5 million.

gasoline station business plan philippines

That is if you apply as dealer of the Big 3 oil companies: Shell, Caltex, or Petron. New oil players such as Total and Flying V offer lower packages, while others can make you a gas station owner for less than P, Of course, the location must be considered to realize profits early.

A relatively smaller capital can give you a franchise of a smaller, but nonetheless, recognized fastfood chain. A Potato Corner franchise costs from P, to P, Sure you can also get a food franchise for P, but these are the less popular ones.

Pooling your resources, however, can still bring your dreams of becoming an owner of a big-ticket fastfood franchise. The old reliable neighborhood lavandera can still do your laundry, but the trend nowadays is the laundry shop. A Lavandera Ko franchise would not cost at least P, including self-serve washing machines, dryer, and chemicals.

For around P, you may consider opening your own laundry shop. Laundry machine suppliers offer friendly financing terms. Go check out the telephone directory. Water Station — Some 20 years ago, a group of students in a masters business class proposed a plan to undertake the possibility of a bottled water industry as part of their thesis.

Their professor, however, thinking that such idea was too far out did not approve it. The rest, as everyone knows, is history.

With pollution all around us, tap water nowadays is no longer considered safe and is largely used only for washing and bathing. To be a water station owner carrying known brands such as Agua Vida, you have to shell out from P25, to P, You can check daily newspaper advertisements for details.Allensburg's Food and Gas convenience store gas station business plan executive summary.

Allensburg's Food and Gas will offer highway commuters competitive gas prices, organic produce, a . Apex Petroleum Corporation Service Station Business Plan Your Neighborhood Gas Station Please type or print Name Service station number Date_____ This document is to represent a projection of the first 12 months of station operations.

Mar 31,  · - gas station business plan outline. Shell Gasoline Station Franchise Hi, I am a Malaysian and married to a philippines national. Is it possible for me to start Shell gasoline station business in the Philippines, under my name?

and the rest will be for other business ventures. My plan is to start the station beginning please advise how to proceed for possible.

How to open a gas station. By Bernadette Reyes | May 8 Share STAFF. A station normally requires one forecourt attendant per pump. For an average-sized station, seven to 10 personnel may be required. business business idea business ideas business plan business solution business startup franchise franchise awards franchise.

The Philippines’ largest oil refining and marketing company, Petron provides a third of the country’s oil requirements. With the largest retail network in the country of 1, gasoline stations nationwide, they sell their products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG, kerosene, and many more.

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