Ecosystem is dependent on succession essay

My Orders Model of ecological succession. Eugene Odum was a highly influential ecologist of the 20th century. His proposed model motivated a new generation of ecologists to formulate and test hypotheses about ecological succession see, e. For instance, does his model capture the patterns and processes of Pacific Northwest forests that you observe on the Evergreen campus, the Olympic Peninsula, and elsewhere in our region?

Ecosystem is dependent on succession essay

Biomes of the world External and internal factors Ecosystems are controlled both by external and internal factors. External factors, also called state factors, control the overall structure of an ecosystem and the way things work within it, but are not themselves influenced by the ecosystem.

The most important of these is climate. Rainfall patterns and seasonal temperatures influence photosynthesis and thereby determine the amount of water and energy available to the ecosystem.

Topography also controls ecosystem processes by affecting things like microclimatesoil development and the movement of water through a system.

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For example, ecosystems can be quite different if situated in a small depression on the landscape, versus one present on an adjacent steep hillside. Similarly, the set of organisms that can potentially be present in an area can also significantly affect ecosystems.

Ecosystems in similar environments that are located in different parts of the world can end up doing things very differently simply because they have different pools of species present. Unlike external factors, internal factors in ecosystems not only control ecosystem processes but are also controlled by them.

Consequently, they are often subject to feedback loops. Primary production Global oceanic and terrestrial phototroph abundance, from September to August As an estimate of autotroph biomass, it is only a rough indicator of primary production potential and not an actual estimate of it.

Primary production Primary production is the production of organic matter from inorganic carbon sources. This mainly occurs through photosynthesis. The energy incorporated through this process supports life on earth, while the carbon makes up much of the organic matter in living and dead biomass, soil carbon and fossil fuels.

It also drives the carbon cyclewhich influences global climate via the greenhouse effect. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants capture energy from light and use it to combine carbon dioxide and water to produce carbohydrates and oxygen. The photosynthesis carried out by all the plants in an ecosystem is called the gross primary production GPP.

Ecosystem is dependent on succession essay

Food web and Trophic level Energy and carbon enter ecosystems through photosynthesisare incorporated into living tissue, transferred to other organisms that feed on the living and dead plant matter, and eventually released through respiration.

The remainder is either consumed by animals while still alive and enters the plant-based trophic system, or it is consumed after it has died, and enters the detritus-based trophic system. In aquatic systemsthe proportion of plant biomass that gets consumed by herbivores is much higher.

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The organisms that consume their tissues are called primary consumers or secondary producers — herbivores. Organisms which feed on microbes bacteria and fungi are termed microbivores. Animals that feed on primary consumers— carnivores —are secondary consumers. Each of these constitutes a trophic level.

Real systems are much more complex than this—organisms will generally feed on more than one form of food, and may feed at more than one trophic level.An ecosystem is a community made up of living organisms and nonliving components such as air, water, and mineral soil.

Ecosystems can be studied in two different ways. They can be thought of as interdependent collections of plants and animals, or as structured systems and communities governed by general rules. The living and non-living components interact through nutrient cycles and energy flows.

Topic Test Science. The ecosystem will undergo primary succession followed by secondary succession. Succession is always caused by natural events. False. The scientific explanation for global warming is very dependent on the _____ atom.


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Ecological succession changed the community in this movie example by creating a brand new ecosystem due to secondary succession. An example of ecological succession in real life is when the island of Krakatoa, an undeveloped land mass, exploded.

Business Ecosystem Essay; Business Ecosystem Essay. Words Jan 30th, 5 Pages Communities of organisms that are dependent on each other and on their environment live in aquatic ecosystems. The two main types of aquatic ecosystems are marine ecosystems and freshwater ecosystems.

Ecosystem is dependent on succession essay

What is an aquatic ecosystem? The ecosystem plays the following functions such as- (1) Biodiversity (2) Productivity (primary and secondary) (3) food chains and food web (4) Energy flow (5) Material cycling (6) Balance of nature (7) succession and evolution of ecosystem.

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Model of ecological succession. Eugene Odum () was a highly influential ecologist of the 20th century. His paper, “The Strategy of Ecosystem Development,” proposed a general model for ecological succession informed by research over the previous decades.

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