Dont abstain from the truth essay

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Dont abstain from the truth essay

The Environment There is no doubt that people always want to hear the truth and quest for the truth under any circumstances. We are taught to speak the truth from an early age. However, should we always tell the truth? Is telling the truth is always right? Lie is getting common especially we are living in the competitive society which sometime lying is to increase our chance of survive.

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In theory, it would be best to always tell the truth and be honest all the time but we have to learn to use our judgement to decide if we should tell the truth on some occasions.

In life, there is always way to be honest than to resort to lying. Because when we are telling the truth, we do not have to remember when or what we said and said it to whom. Therefore, we would not accidentally contradicting by ourself.

For example, you were reluctant to go out an event with your friend. So, you lied to her that you were going to a family reunion. One day, when your friend visiting you and trying to make casual conversation by asking your mom about the family reunion.

Your mom wasn't aware for the lie you told. Therefore, the situation was tension and awkward. As such, your friend may feel a sense of betrayal and start losing trust and respect from you. It is much worse consequence than telling the truth in the first place. According to deception experts, people who always tell lies are living In guilty, anxiety, depression as they are constantly worry their lies will be revealed anytime.

In contrast, people who always tell the truth are healthier as they have less tension, less stress, sleep better and feel better about themselves. For example, when a liar telling a lie, in order to keep the lie moving, he or she might need to make up another lie to cover up as lie can leads to tell more lies.

It requires a lot of work for telling a lie. Thus, telling the truth is a good habit and being honest all the time leads to better healthy lifestyle In term of physically and mentaliIn comparison with Voirst’s essay, “The Truth About Lying,” I found that through a bunch of my research, that most people agree with Voirst’s view on lying.

I too, agreed with most, if not all, of what she had presented in her essay.

Dont abstain from the truth essay

I don’t have the money for this but, of course, if I have to save his life I’ll mortgage the house!” People are much concerned about bad habits (which sometimes reach life-consuming proportions) that they’d like to do something about-drinking, smoking, overeating, taking drugs, gambling, overspending, or even compulsive romancing.


Dont abstain from the truth essay

Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. People discover different ideas on truth and right and wrong every day; once one has multiple ideas on truth it is that person’s choice to decide if his or her conclusions are truth.

Truth is many things to each individual, but once one has it set in his or her mind the real version of truth it is hard to alter it. The Truth How can we define truth when we don’t even know the interpretations of what truth is? What I found very interesting was this quote "Half of a truth is not the Truth".

I believe that when we tell the truth we never tell % of the truth. Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise.

OK, now everybody take some rubbers.” This quote was said by Coach Carr in the movie Mean Girls and is similar to what teens are being told in schools around the country although there are some that leave out condoms altogether.

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