Cmu msit e-business plan

Audio If you're an auditory learner, check out the audio-based courses requires a special plug-in from Tutorials. They're an off-shoot of the very useful and colorful lessons on everything at Learn2. KeystoneLearning offers talking-head video presentations on their CD's. The site offers more than just technical training.

Cmu msit e-business plan

This document is intended to supplement, and does not supersede, Carnegie Mellon University policies, regulations and community standards, which may be found at http: In the event of any conflict between this document and official CMU policies, the official policies govern.

Patty Mackiewicz Program Faculty: They are not managers and do not tell the teams what to do. Their role is to ensure that the teams function effectively.

They attend task kickoffs, team presentations and some team meetings. They also have a major role in grading because they determine the team professional and individual professional components of task grading. The Consulting Faculty have special expertise in the subject matter of the tasks.

They work with and meet with the teams during the tasks for which they are responsible. Consulting Faculty determine the team technical and individual technical components of task grading. Questions of administrative policy should be taken up with the Assistant Director.

Matters of academic policy should be brought to the Program Director. The purpose of tasks is for the students to learn skills that cannot be taught effectively in a classroom setting and to work on projects cmu msit e-business plan are too large for a single individual.

The skills learned are not only technical, but include professional abilities, such as: Team organization Creating professional deliverables Consulting skills Presentation skills Working under short, unmovable deadlines Assimilating cultural differences Personal time management Dealing with unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or absence of team members.

This firm has many different practice areas, but the eBusiness consultants rotate through the Health Care, Banking, Retail and Logistics practices.

The clients are real corporations, mostly based in Pittsburgh, and the problems are realistic. In some cases, the clients are actually aware that they are the subjects of study here at CMU.

The task memo and accompanying materials will specify certain deliverables to be supplied to the client during the task. The deliverables may be designs, reports, software, business analyses or other items requested by the client.

The teams are chosen by the Program Faculty five times during the program — before each set of four tasks and once again for the Practicum.

The purpose of rotating teams is to give you the chance to work with a large number of your colleagues during the year and also to assist you in learning the skills of team organization and management through repetition.

It is the obligation of each team to organize itself quickly to produce the required deliverables. The deliverables are designed for you to be able to demonstrate the skills you have acquired during the task. Teams choose their own meeting times and divide up their work however they see fit.

Doing this properly is an important skill, and one that must be learned through practice. Tasks begin with a kickoff meeting in which the faculty member explains the task and gives a background presentation about the subject.

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Attendance at task kickoffs is mandatory. The faculty member will attend the task presentation, described below. The faculty member also evaluates and provides feedback on the deliverables. The presentation is NOT simply a summary of the deliverables, or a narrative of what the team did during the task.

It is an important exercise in persuasion that is a critical part of any consulting practice. No student may make more than one task presentation while they are with the same team.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students have a chance to practice presentation skills. It makes no sense to define an event as mandatory without an enforcement tool.

The penalty for missing one mandatory event during a task is that your individual professional grade explained below for that task will be cut in half. Missing two mandatory task events will result in an individual professional grade of zero.

If you miss more than two mandatory task events, you will fail the task. This is the list of mandatory events: It is based on the absence from the team participation. The Program Faculty will determine the number days of absence by, observations, and taking other students' feedback into considerations.

They attend team meetings, provide advice and generally make sure that teams remain focused and functional. The Program Faculty are intimately familiar with the program and the team methodology.

cmu msit e-business plan

However, they do not act as managers and do not give direction to the teams.c. Date the Board of Trustees approved adding this program projection to the campus Academic Plan. January 18, d. Term and academic year of intended implementation (e.g. Fall ). No broader e-Business focus.

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Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) eBusiness Technology. Applicants to our professional master's degree program are considered on a rolling admission basis.

MSIT concentrations Students in the MSIT program can choose two of six optional concentrations. The concentrations are meant to help students who are interested in a specific skill by giving them guidance when they select courses.

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