Business proposal econimic analysis sol

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Business proposal econimic analysis sol

Market Structure The market structure of the solar industry is an oligopoly. An oligopoly is a market run by a small number of firms that together control the majority of the market share.

Business proposal econimic analysis sol

With the ability to control production costs and manage the supply and demand, these are the most sustainable and profitable solar companies. Renewable and sustainable energy is a rising industry and the need constantly to increase the efficiency is crucial to its success.

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To increase the efficiency of the solar panels, Solar Clean is a new service targeted to solar panel owners to clean and repair damage brought on by storms or customer interference. The industry relies heavily on technology to gain and retain customers. Because technology improves the actual cost savings to the customer, the solar industry has had to find ways to continually increase efficiency by spending less and producing more.

One of the massive improvements of solar panels that research has identified is the physical condition of the panel. If the panel is dirty and damaged from the elements or abuse, they will not save the customer as much money in energy costs.

Pricing Relationship to Elasticity Business proposal econimic analysis sol elasticity measures how much the demand shifts when the price changes.

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The demand is elastic if the quantity demand changes substantially in response to a price change and inelastic if demand shows little or no change. The pricing for solar panels had decreased over the past few years due to more efficient technology and government subsidies, as demand has increased.

This pricing shift further reinforces that solar panels, and therefore solar cleaning services are elastic.

For solar companies to remain profitable, they must find ways to reduce production and operational costs.

The Solar Clean service is reliant on existing solar panel customers. If prices are low and more solar customers purchase or lease solar panels, Solar Cleans demand increases. The value proposition is that their solar panels are more efficient if they are clean and serviced regularly.

The more Solar Clean services the panels, the more the customer will save on energy bills. If they service panels at a house or business once a month, they will break even cause they have to spend more time cleaning, adjusting, and calibrating the panels.

If serviced weekly, the cost decreases as each Visit takes less time and more customers are serviced in a day. The marginal cost is the difference, S Increasing the revenue above the marginal cost is the way to recover a profit.

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Marginal revenue calculates the amount of money Solar Clean makes from selling one additional cleaning visit r the increased profit per item as the cleaning visits increase.

The best way for Solar Clean to increase profits, marginal revenue needs to exceed the marginal costs by selling additional cleaning services. If marginal revenue is less than marginal cost, then it can boost profit by increasing production.

Suggested Invoicing Strategies The invoicing strategies for Solar Clean are focus on increasing sales and managing operational expenses. Solar Clean has an aggressive marketing campaign to work with current solar customers and show them the value of the cleaning service and how much money they can save by keeping their solar panels efficient.

The company also focuses on keeping production and operational expenses in line by hiring extra workers on a part-time basis when sales and industry demand spikes.

Because the solar industry changes quite often Solar Clean must react to immediate changes. To accommodate ate changes and availability by region, Solar Clean offers geographical pricing to reflect the demand and variation of whether conditions in each state.

Solar Clean offers promotional pricing along with the solar panel companies as well as a free trial basis of one month to prove customer savings. Invoicing Strategies that Increase Barriers to entry Invoicing strategies that increase barriers to entry for Solar Clean include keeping current with the customer needs and demands.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace in the solar industry and meeting the changing needs of the customer is vital.

Solar Clean must also partner with all solar panel producers so that their services are competitive, superior, and turn-key. Solar clean must be able to facilitate customer referrals, exhibit ethical, and competent selling practices while cleaning and servicing the panels on time, on budget by qualified personnel.

In the short-term, Solar Clean can increase advertising and work with government subsidies and policies.An ERTS-B proposal was submitted in January and will be revised to reflect a more complete problem definition and work plan prior to the proposal evaluations in January Land Fill Classifications - A problem of particular concern to the State of Pennsylvania and EPA, Region III is the proliferation of solid waste dumps throughout the state.

Business Proposal: Economic Analysis of Solar Clean Stacia Brocco ECO/ November 18, Peter Oburu, PhD.

Business proposal econimic analysis sol

Economic Analysis of Solar Clean The following economic analysis for Solar Clean provides a scorecard of internal conditions and external influences that outline potential benefits and disadvantages of the viability of this company. As an example, this individual warns of the unreported nuisance how to purchase research proposal gender studies Chicago double spaced back-from-the-dead harmful bacteria more efficient than the postwar wonder drug treatments.

Keywords: Multi-scale integrated analysis, societal metabolism, ecosystem metabolism, comparative analysis of European countries, environmental Kuznets curves, demographic changes 1.

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Plan (Draft Plan) has been updated for this Revised Business Plan (Revised Plan) to include a benefit-cost analysis on the Phase 1 Blended system. The economic analysis draws on domestic and international.

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