Bodega dreams the great gatsby similarities

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Bodega dreams the great gatsby similarities

I am tired and cranky and sick and stressed out today, so I'll keep this review rather brief. Although I feel bad because I haven't written a good review in a while. I'm not even in the top reviewers this week.

So … I was assigned to read Bodega Dreams for my Writing the Urban Experience class, which is this cool class where we read and write about … urban things.

So yeah, it's exactly what the title of the course says. Only it's mu Hello, everyone. Only it's much more interesting than it sounds. Point is, I probably wouldn't have picked up this book on my own. But even so, it was a fairly enjoyable read.

To put it simply, this book is The Great Gatsby set in Spanish Harlem, and dealing with drugs rather than bootlegging.

Bodega is pretty much a clone of Gatsby. He builds up a fortune on rather sketchy terms, just to win the affection of a woman he's been in love with for years, even though she is already married to another man.

So yeah, sounds rather familiar, eh? Throughout the book, I had trouble putting Gatsby out of my mind and not comparing him and Bodega. I mean, it was just impossible. And if you read through the other reviews on here, looks like just about everyone can't help but bring up Gatsby.

I mean, the idea of modernizing The Great Gatsby isn't a terrible premise. So, it felt a bit like cheating. The lack of originality aside, it was a pretty good read. It was well-written and dealt with some interesting characters. I have to say my favorite part was the dialogue.

It was excellently done.

Bodega dreams the great gatsby similarities

In fact, the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking it might make a better movie than a book. Because really, the conversations between the characters were definitely the most interesting part of the whole thing. Beyond that, I really don't have anything else to say. It's not the best or most unique book I've ever read, but the writing——particularly the dialogue——was good, and I liked it over all.

Anything the community needs, Willie Bodega provides; but at what cost? Bodega intends to convince—or even hypnotize—his community into believing that his way is best. But he needs Chino to help him.

Bodega dreams the great gatsby similarities

Bodega Dreams is a wonderful novel that will force the reader to explore the line between pride and humility.Mar 12,  · In Bodega Dreams (), Ernesto Quinoz riffs on F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous American novel The Great Gatsby (), often taught in high school and college American literature classes as a quintessential novel about the American dream.

It's interesting to consider the similarities and differences between the two novels. While The Great Gatsby wasn’t published until , “Winter Dreams” débuted in and the similarities between the novel and short story were done on purpose. “Winter Dreams” became a short draft which Fitzgerald paralleled The Great Gatsby after, but also differentiated the two in specific ways (“Winter Dreams” ).

Willie Bodega, from Ernesto Quinonez's Bodega Dreams, and Jay Gatsby, from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby both experienced a strong love for a woman, and yet could not get that love returned to them. Gatsby tried to win over Daisy's heart similarly to Bodega, who had tried to do the same with Vera/5(3).

Gatsby obtaining his riches by participating in an illegal act such as bootlegging, Willie Bodega of Bodega Dreams made his riches in the distribution of illegal drugs. Valley of Ashes & Dan Cody It is a piece of land (where Flushing Meadows now stands) that was a dumping ground at the time of The Great Gatsby.

May 21,  · Compare and contrast Vera with Daisy from The Great Gatsby. How are the two women similar and/or different? How does Vera compare to other women in Bodega Dreams?

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Vera and Daisy are similar because they both wanted to marry a rich guy. They both wanted wealth. "Bodega Dreams The Great Gatsby Similarities" Essays and Research Papers Bodega Dreams The Great Gatsby Similarities The Effects of a Dream in The Great Gatsby The American s was an epoch marked by declining moral standards and extravagantly pretentious shows of wealth.

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