An introduction to the world anti communist league

James was written by Al Richardson the editor of Revolutionary History. The new edition was published by Humanities Press in Introduction to World Revolution C.

An introduction to the world anti communist league

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties with the recording but he was kind enough to make a transcript with a little help from one of his friends. How are you doing? Thanks for doing this.

Hopefully it will be kind of fun and some more people will check out your work. I guess, this is my first time trying to do this. He wrote this kind of amazing, four-part article that uses Iran-contra as the center but really talks about everything from the success of the Vietnamese people in getting the United States out of Vietnam.

The whole period from to when the Soviet Union kind of comes apart and breaks up into all the different countries. So, it was really cool. Do you want to start out talking about what Iran-contra was and the more public face of it?

Kind of how it got started, the scandal itself. The more well-known aspect of the scandal is that Reagan made a secret deal to sell arms to Iranians in exchange for the release of hostages. Then he diverted that money to fund the war in Nicaragua, which had forbidden by Congress from funding in any way, direct or indirect.

Then a plane crashed in Nicaragua and it was revealed. The Iranians were angry so, they leaked the story about that. They told Lebanese Newspaper and it was a huge scandal. The media tried to focus just on that one question of how much money was diverted?

Trying to keep people from seeing the bigger picture of the long history from Cuba to Vietnam that proceeded the whole scandal that was all closely linked into it. Bush became president in Sheehan and the Christic institute were ordered to pay 1 Million dollars in damages.

How did you become interested in this scandal? Well I remembered it from childhood it was my first hint that the government was involved in all sorts of sinister stuff behind our backs.

Actually before the scandal even broke one of my most vivid childhood memories was being taken by my parents to hear a priest and some nuns describe their torture and mock execution in El Salvador while the CIA looked on.

However my renewed interest was inspired by learning about the the Sheehan investigation. You want to talk a little bit about his case and kind of what he was looking at, some of the people, and what he found? Well, to the public the main figure would be Oliver North.

But according to Sheehan the central figure would be Theodore G.


Sheehan had learned about the JFK assassination during the Watergate era because he had worked for this law firm that represented Santo Trafficante, who was the son of this Cuban gangster. His father had gotten in control of the mob in Cuba for like 30 or 40 years before Castro kicked him out.

The CIA was all working with them at the time. Shackley was in Miami and he trained his army of Cuban exiles, to try to overthrow the government or at least wage a terrorist bombing campaign and try to assassinate Castro. This was after the initial Bay of Pigs failed.

They tried a second operation called Operation Mongoose. They brought in Special Forces, trained these Cubans, and these same Cubans were involved in Watergate, drug dealing, Terrorism, dirty wars, and then Iran-contra.

Those were all those guys that were just the same set of people, right? What Sheehan called the Secret Team? They would all work with Shackley.

Then in Laos he was working with the drug dealing Laotian generals and also these tribesman, the Hmomg, who were kind of this indigenous people there that lived in the hills and were excellent at Guerilla warfare and were recruited to be in a "secret army" Secret only to the US public in exchange their general Vang Pao got to get super rich off the heroin trade.

The same CIA agents that had smuggled drugs and waged a terror campaign in first Cuba and then Laos and Vietnam were the same people were recruited to run the Iran-contra operation, which also involved drugs.

The Cuban operation also involved drugs because of the Santo Trafficante thing. Drug dealing, arms dealing, the mafia, all leading up to Iran-contra.An Introduction to the World Anti-Communist League PAGES 4.

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Yeah, and after the Cold War they just changed their name to something about freedom democracy instead of World Anti-Communist League. Now they are the World League for Freedom and Democracy. But they do the same things as always. The World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was founded in in Taipei, Taiwan.

It has since been renamed the World League for Freedom and Democracy. WACL was conceived as an expansion of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League, a regional alliance against communism formed at the request of Chiang Kai-shek at the end of .

Japan Revolutionary Communist League, Their main goals is to have Japan, and the entire world, adopt communist policies. Chūkaku-ha reject imperialism and the Stalinist form of Communism. They were formed in after the anti-Stalinist communist revolution. This revolution spawned over disputes about communist policies and a rejection of Ideology: Marxism, Communism.

Palme was a victim of the World Anti-Communist League or WACL.

An introduction to the world anti communist league

Palme had defied the American Empire one too many times. First he angered the empire by opposing the war in Vietnam, enraging the Nixon administration by marching in solidarity with the North Vietnamese ambassador and in opposition to the genocidal war being waged on the .

The Communist League (German: Bund der Kommunisten) was an international political party established on June 1, in London, organisation was formed through the merger of the League of the Just, headed by Karl Schapper and the Communist Correspondence Committee of Brussels, Belgium, in which Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were the dominant personalities.

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