An analysis of the combined messages of richard cory and the great gatsby

Her publications include poetry and scholarship. In a Station of the Metro page 63 by Ezra Pound. From Ezra Pound Personae. Copyright by Ezra Pound.

An analysis of the combined messages of richard cory and the great gatsby

Go to the lab to complete activity Homework: Day in lab for students to complete their Poetry Analysis paper - must submit at end of class Homework: Students copy scantron to the offical bubble sheet for pretest Revision day!

An analysis of the combined messages of richard cory and the great gatsby

Students receive papers back with comments and work on revising according to the "Revisiting for Revision " handout Be sure you take the advise Ms.

Next class, students will work in the lab to polish their papers. The papers will be due at the end of the period. Therefore, students should use the time between this class and next class to revise their essays Homework: Day in lab for students to write papers Students are given MLA handouts to help them set up the overall format of their papers and the works cited page Students must write, print, and turn in at least three completed body paragraphs for their poetry analysis paper at the end of class.

They may bring any additional writing to the next class, where we will edit. Add anything to your paper for our editing session next class. Schmitz on your flipcharts Homework: Make an appointment with Ms.

Schmitz if you need help! Reviewed how to incorporate quotes into paper using the sandwich strategy - Incorporate that Quote! Schmitz ahead of time Homework: Collected claims Students have more time to finish revising essay on "When I heard the learn'd astronomer" according to handout instructions.

Students must also label the body paragraphs according to the following: Quotes that provide examples of these devices - Green: Explanations that connect these terms and examples back to the miniclaim or claim Teacher shows her marked up essay and students compare - discuss how there should be a balance of colors 2B - claims handed back and students pass them around to get feedback from classmates 4A - time to work on flipchart 2B - no time to work on flichart, so they will have 30 minutes next class Homework: Flipchart due next class!

Discuss homework to read "Critical Reading: Read the packet "Critical Reading: Continued Style Analysis Group Projects! POV, syntax, and detail; 2B: Checked Whitman and Dickinson poems Discussed abstract vs. Use the Style Analysis Resource page as a starting place. Add new resources to the wiki site.

Continue researching your assigned aspect of style for the Style Analysis Group Proejct. Schmitz passed out resources for groups to use Groups turn in sheet with their style aspect, names, and what they are planning for their project exactly Homework: Would another design have worked for what you were trying to accomplish?

What goes inside the text devices, plot, sounds, word choices, tone, etc. Begin researching your assigned aspect of style for the Style Analysis Group Proejct.

Collected syllabus Analyzed students' styles overall description of their style along with the specific choices that creat it and connected this to how author's can communicate a message through different styles, but this affects how one interprets the message Review of assignment to take notes on Style Analysis packet you should have 7 sections - front page plus the six style aspects.

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“Connoisseur” should be spelled “connaisseur.”

Call us toll-free at Nov 14,  · Winning Is The Only Thing Essays (Examples) Filter results by: In The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and The Talented Mr. Ripley by Highsmith, men attempt to find success through illegal means in order to fulfill their need of self-actualization and material gain.

"Richard Cory." Browne, Francis Fisher. The Every-Day Life of . Calixta is delightful and charming to her apprehensive husband when he returns. the Nick Carraway of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

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Ms. Schmitz's American Literature. Pre-IB 10 American Literature Welcome to American Literature! I'm excited to begin a wonderful year of learning with you!

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