Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

As more and more professionals seek a better work-life balance and more companies adopt flexible policies to accommodate shifting workplace priorities and realities the working from home option is becoming increasingly viable. Employees see this as an ideal means to remain in the workforce and continue to be employed thereby maintaining all the tangible benefits of being part of an established company, while enjoying all the advantages of being based at home. The option has its potential pitfalls however and below we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Advantages By working at home you save on many hidden costs associated with going to work.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

Still, many men struggle to find acceptance within the role of stay-at-home dad despite the many gains that have been made. The reasons for the health risk are not specified. The role of stay-at-home dad may be difficult for men who feel as though they had no option.

Men who willingly choose to become a stay-at-home dad are much more satisfied with their role in the family. A study conducted by Dr. Mothers reassure toddlers when they become frustrated while fathers encourage them to manage their frustration. This helps the children learn to deal with stress and frustration.

His study concluded that women were still able to form a strong bond with their children despite working full-time outside of the home. Also, women working full-time were often more engaged with their children on a day-to-day basis than their male counterparts.

This contrasts with the more traditional family structure where the father works outside of the home and the mother stays home with the children.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

Free from the stress of childcare, the working mother is able to actively pursue their career. This allows for a more relaxed working environment for the mother and allows her to focus on her career. Thus, she can advance her career and provide more money for the family.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

The father having also the same safety and values as the mother in most cases. For the father It is becoming more important and more advantageous for men to establish fulfilling relationships with their children. They are beginning to value these relationships over financial gains.

This allows children, especially male children, to grow up with a greater capacity for empathy and less rigidity in attitudes pertaining to gender roles than would perhaps be the case in more traditionally-structured households.Feminism and the Family: An Introduction. Date Last Edited.

20/09/ Tweet. Very Useful Resource: Student Support Materials for AQA AS Sociology: Unit 1: Families and Households by Martin Holborn and Liz Steel [Collins Publications].

The advantages of working women generally revolve around personal opportunities, both to develop in one's career and provide additional financial resources, while the cons generally have to do with missed memories and fatigue.

No matter whether one chooses to stay at home with one's children or work. Mothers who have jobs outside of the home tend to be happier and healthier than their stay-at-home counterparts, the American Psychological Association notes. These positive effects, such as fewer symptoms of depression, can be seen in part-time working mothers and full-time working mothers.

Choosing not to have sex. Choosing not to have sex provides percent protection from HIV, STIs, and pregnancy. For some, this means avoiding vaginal, anal, and oral-genital intercourse altogether.

In fact if you read the article in its entirety, you will see that I have mentioned the potential advantages and disadvantages of each type of care (centers and home-based). If anything, I tried to breakdown the stereotype parents sometimes have of family providers as being less safe and second-best to centers.

When mothers work outside the home, they have less time to spend with their children. They have less time for the vital parts of family and community life that we can’t put a dollar value on.

The level of stress increases in the family when parents are so pressed for time because both are working full-time jobs.

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