A study of the life and contributions of silas deane

Other works that contributed to his reputation as one of the greatest political propagandists in history were Rights of Man, a defense of the French Revolution and of republican principles; and The Age of Reason, an exposition of the place of religion in society. His formal education was meagre, just enough to enable him to master reading, writing, and arithmetic. At 13 he began work with his father as a corset maker and then tried various other occupations unsuccessfully, finally becoming an officer of the excise. His duties were to hunt for smugglers and collect the excise taxes on liquor and tobacco.

A study of the life and contributions of silas deane

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Encyclopedia of the American Revolution: Arthur was the youngest of the four famous sons of Thomas Lee and the last of his eleven children. He was about ten years old when he came under the guardianship of his eldest brother, Philip Ludwell, on the death of their father.

He went on to the University of Edinburgh, where he studied science, literature, and medicine and took his M. Lee returned to Virginia in and began practicing medicine in Williamsburg, but he soon caught the Revolutionary fever and lost interest in medicine.

In he returned to London with the intention to study law at the Middle Temple, taking along his brother William to set up business. While in Virginia, he had been made a fellow of the Royal Society inand once back in England he was named to the Society of Arts and Agriculture.

More importantly, Arthur and William became deeply involved in English politics and associated with the flamboyant John Wilkeswho later called Arthur his "first and best friend" Potts, p. Although some Revolutionary leaders including Jefferson were unimpressed by these, others thought highly of them; one of the latter was Samuel Adamswho helped Arthur win an appointment in as London agent of Massachusetts.

The diatribes of "Junius," the anonymous Whig political writer of the s, inspired Lee to emulation, and he produced a series of letters signed "Junius Americanus.

A study of the life and contributions of silas deane

In seven years his literary contributions included at least "nine pamphlets, essays, 17 petitions, and 50 anonymous letters in the press" ibid. The two were soon holding long, confidential conversations, and the seed of secret French aid was sowed. Arthur Lee was furious at being left out of something he had helped start, and his reaction was to accuse everybody concerned of being dishonest, including Benjamin Franklin.

Reaching Paris at the end of December, he was prevailed upon by the two other commissioners to see what might be done in Spain. Going there in Februaryhe was able to get substantial aid from the government through the intermediary of a commercial concern but was not allowed to enter Madrid.

A stay in Berlin from May to July was fruitless. Returning to Paris, where there was nothing constructive for him to do, he nosed further into the secret aid business—which Franklin was letting Deane handle by himself—and on 4 October Lee wrote Samuel Adams and brother Richard Henry Lee that he should be made sole minister to France.

They spent most of their time in Paris, however, where they joined Arthur in carping against Franklin and Deane. The French alliance nevertheless came about, but the fiscal accounts were in shambles and Lee accused Deane of illegal profiteering.

The sordid controversy also made Lee persona non grata with the Comte de Vergennes, and Congress recalled him in September William Lee and Izard had been dismissed in June, leaving "the old doctor" the sole commissioner in Paris. Harvard awarded him an honorary degree and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston elected him a member based on his scientific paper on lightning strikes.

Congress made him a commissioner to the Northwest Indians, and he was one of those who negotiated the treaties of Fort Stanwix 22 October and Fort McIntosh 21 January ; fellow commissioners described Lee giving a "most spirited grand speech" that produced a "very good effect" on the negotiations Potts, pp.

In July Congress appointed him to the treasury board a post he held until the new government was inauguratedwhere he became so frustrated at its ineffectual efforts that he declared the "Confederation is crumbling to pieces" ibid. The last thing he found to be against was the Constitution, opposing it because it lacked a declaration of rights.


Although Lee courted a number of women, he never married, and he lived his last few years as a gentleman farmer on his estate, Lansdowne. Beginning near the end of the twentieth century, the characterization of Lee as abrasive, contentious, morbidly suspicious, and cantankerous was tempered by the realization that he articulated well the "goals, values, and world view" shared by a majority of the American revolutionaries ibid.The award-winning exhibit was curated by Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum Executive Director Charles T.

Lyle to commemorate Nutting’s restoration and opening of the Webb House to the public on July 4, , and to raise awareness of Nutting’s contributions to the preservation and appreciation of Colonial American homes and furniture.

Memorial Contributions may be directed to: American, Silas Deane Highway, Suite , Rocky Hill, CT To order flowers online, travel directions, or to sign his guest register, please.

Make an analysis listing the contributions and effects of each group. Decide on a criteria to evaluate these groups and judge which one had the most negative effect on Native Americans. In , Franklin was part of a delegation that included also Silas Deane and Arthur Lee that was sent to France for the purpose of securing aid and succeeded in winning recognition.

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The French waited and watched to see whether the colonies were likely to win. The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin by H.W. Brands. Silas Deane, appointed by the Americans and helped by French animosity towards Britain, obtained unofficial aid, starting in early However, the goal was the total involvement of France in the war.

Brianne Springer The Strange Death of Silas Deane Silas Deane’s life started as a example of the American dream He was the son of a blacksmith, and later attended Yale University and became a lawyer.

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